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What kind of comfortable PC desk do pro gamers like? The first answer must be adjust height gaming table.

Do you know why you often experience pains and stiffness in your neck and shoulder muscles? Your neck posture could be the reason as to why you’re suffering. It’s possible that you spend much of your day in awkward or non-neutral work positions. These awkward work postures are well known to cause most musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Your postures at your computer workstation are things that you can easily control. Most often, you’ll have unhealthy neck postures when your computer desk height is either too high or too low. This article is on how the height of your computer workspace can affect your neck and shoulder muscles. We shall also look into how you can adjust the desk height for the best neck posture.

Hope you know what the term ‘ergonomics’ refer to? For those who don’t know, it refers to how we can be productive at work and yet maintaining our bodies safe from physical disorders. Good ergonomics means arranging our computer workstations in a way that encourages healthy neck and back postures. A basic workstation will contain a chair, desk, and the computer. The most important aspect is the way you set up the height of each component.

How Your Computer Desk Height Affects Your Neck Posture

As you interact with the things on your working space, your neck and shoulder muscles are the most involved. If your trapezius muscles are tight, it means your computer desk is too high. Trapezius muscles are the muscles joining your shoulders and the neck. These muscles are usually under strain if your desk is high. This leads to a bad neck posture and hence leading to neck pains or stiffness.

Similarly, you will experience issues if your desk is too low. It will force you to slump in order to reach things on your desktop. You’ll also need to keep on holding your arms out whenever you want to type. This will definitely create a lot of tension in the neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles.

For the best neck posture, sit with your head balanced directly over your spine. The height and line of view of the computer monitor helps in keeping your head balanced with the spine. Additionally, the arms should hang straight down from the shoulders. The height of your computer keyboard will determine whether your arms will hang straight down or not. If you satisfy these two conditions, you will have minimal neck and shoulder muscle tension. The secret here is to get the right computer desk height.

How to Adjust to the Right Computer Desk Height

The height of your desk should be approximately at the same level as your elbows. If your desk is too low, raise it. Similarly, if it is too high, then lower it. A traditional approach to raising the height was by inserting blocks, books or boards under the legs. Similarly, a solution to deal with high computer tables was by raising your chair or cutting the legs of the table.

The approaches above are quite practical, even in our modern setting. However, very few people would opt for such weird solutions if they want to adjust their computer table height. Instead, why can’t one opt for an adjustable height computer desk? There are great designs that won’t give you headache as you adjust your computer desk height for best neck posture. Adjustable height computer tables are very beneficial especially if you are not the only person who will be using the table. Also, the desk is capable of growing with you in case you grow taller with time.

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